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Hiking in Tirthan Jibhi

There are plenty of walks and hikes around Tirthan, however everything is spread out and requires leaving in the morning, taking a short bus/cab ride and walking/hiking anywhere between half hour to 3 hrs. 


Hand Drawn tourist map of Tirthan Jibhi


Jalori Pass

This mountain pass connects Kullu district to Shimla. although only 22 km away, Jalori's elevation is almost double Tirthan valley's. It is a favourite amongst travelers and has two notable places to visit, Sareolsar lake and Ragaphur Garh.


Sareolsar Lake

The hike to the lake leads through a dense Oak forest and on foggy days appears to be a scene out of any horror film. The trail is well made and takes around 2 hours to reach the lake. The lake itself is a small but pristine water body nestled amidst lush meadows. The temple of Goddess Budhi Nagin is situated above the lake and since is a very holy place for the locals one is advised not to drink alcohol, play loud music and shout near the lake.


Raghupur in winter

From Jalori pass one can hike up to Raghupur Garh through a steep trail that leads to some of the best meadows in Tirthan. The trail is only two kilometers but due to the incline it can take up to an hour and a half to reach the top. It is a must visit place for those seeking breathtaking panoramic views of the mountains and the valley. However one should avoid going on this hike on a cloudy/foggy day since the visibility on the top will be very low and there is no place to hide from the rain. We recommend Vanvaas Camping by Negi bhai to have a bite or camp there.



Bahu is beautiful village in the region and is only 17 kms from the Blue Sheep. The drive takes around 40 minutes to one hour and the cars can be parked near the village pond. From there a short 3 km long easy hike through an enchanting deodar forest leads one to the temple of the deity Balu Nag which is situated in a meadow in the middle of the forest. Since its a holy place for the locals please follow the rules mentioned on the board near the temple.


Choi Falls

The starting point of the hike to Chhoi falls, Gayidhar, is located at a distance of 5km from The Blue Sheep. The trail is only two kilometers but it is an uphill climb hence it takes around an hour to reach the waterfall. The hike goes through a quaint village and stunning pine forests. The waterfall is a holy place and the water under the falls is connected via a pipe that supplies the nearby villages with driking water. Please refrain to stand directly under the waterfall, if you want to take a dip you can do that in the gorgeous pool just 10 mts before the waterfall.


Chehni Kothi by Wayward wayfarer

Chehni kothi or Chehni fort is a place of religious and historical significance in the region. A prime example of the local Kathkuni architecture, Chehni kothi and the adjacent structures in the village are particularly interesting for those seeking a cultural experience. The resident deity is Shringa Rishi whose temple in Bagi falls in the way to Chehni Kothi.


Hippo Falls

For those who want to hike along the tranquil Tirthan river this is the best trek in the region. The hike starts from village Ropa but you can also start walking from Gushaini. The road goes till the beautiful village of Ropa from there onwards the trail snakes through dense mixed forests of the GHNP eco zone and ends in the mesmerizing Hippo falls. A few minutes ahead lies the gate entering the national park where you need a prior permit to enter for longer treks. If you get a permit made in Sai Ropa (4 kms from Blue Sheep) you can go till Rolla and come back the same day.



If you don't want to spend your day hiking but still enjoy goegeous views and a drive, head to the beautiful village of Shanghar. It takes exactly an hour and a half to reach Shanghar from the hostel and you can spend your day lazing in the meadow or visiting the temple of the deity Shangchul. We reccomend cafe Stories and more for a bite there.

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