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what is the check in/out time?

the check in time is 1:30pm and check out time is 10:30am. we try our best to give guest their room as early as possible.

what are the nearby sights to explore? how many days will it take to explore all of them?

click here for a full list of nearby sights to explore. Tirthan valley is spread out across a vast area it can take upto a week to explore the most popular spots and even longer to explore all the scenic locations, hikes waterfalls small hamlets and villages etc.

how much do taxis cost for day excursions?

Taxis cost around 1500 to 2000rs including a full day  of waiting, sometimes this price can be little less or more depending on the season

where is the nearest ATM?

the nearest ATM is 1.5 km away in banjar town.

is there wifi? how is network connectivity?

we provide free wifi to all guest in our common area as well as garden. network connectivty is excellent and airtel and jio both get full service. vodafone is not available in the region. 

are there any discounts for workfrom-home or longer stays?

please contact us directly for work for home rates.

do you provide guided hikes? 

we do not provide guided hikes, almost all the hikes in the region do not require a guide and are safe to explore on your own. But feel free to ask for help in planning your hikes and to pair you with other travellers to share cabs etc.

do you provide parking? 

we do not have a car parking but make sure everyone coming by car finds a spot on the road.

is the blue sheep hostel family friendly?

Since we are a hostel the vibe is mostly one of young adults having a good time. we simply cannot meet the expectations of families and hence we dont host families. please note this includes children and elders.   

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